About us


Our History

1998-2018 A Original Concept Was Created

Cardinalsinwear Vintage company was originated in Jamaica queens ny in 1998. The owner started out selling knock off clothing just to make extra cash not realizing that it would turn into a full time business. Even though knock offs had its benefits the need to make something unique and different was the thing to do. Being from new York you have to have your game tight and your product right if you want anyone to look or even buy what you have to offer. So coming up with something new took a lot of thought. So having the ultimate t-shirt was the goal.

moving Up In The World

Cardinalsinwear flows in three stages. (1) (THE NAME) This is the company’s logo representing the brand. (2) (THE ESSENCE) This is the life line of the clothing. (3) (THE FACE) This allows expression to the world. So here’s how it works! The essence and the face are one in the same. (Cardinalsin rules to live by) transforms into a face, The face expresses universal facts or opinions based on the customers own reality. So what ever the rule reads under the face, if your not living by it becomes a cardinalsin. Our job is to try to relate to different ethnic groups of people giving the trend setters what they deserve. We make our designs and test them on new Yorks tuff streets before sending them out giving everyone the swag they need.

Looking Forward

(CW) UNCENSORED the name says it all, it’s the flip side to cardinalsin wear the ulta ego. while we keep (THE NAME) political correct, We realize that people have a dark side. Freedom of speech, the right to express yourself no matter how profound is a key element to our society. So if your a judgmental person this side will not be for you. No matter how perfect we try to paint the world we all know that there lies a harsh reality to everything. So why buy from us? (1) Heart- What attracts people to our shirts is the beauty and thought it reflects. (2) Passion- you get out what you put in. We don’t just chase the sale. A simple node from someone admiring what you have on is our goal.  (3) Trend setter- If this is you, you just gotta have that new HOTNESS! period! Something different, keep’em guessing.